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Natural Disasters


Hurricane, Flooding, High Waters, Storm Runoffs, Landslides, Fires

When it comes to natural disasters sandbags are the #1 erosion control product worldwide that helps to protect against moving soil, water, and extinguishing chemicals. Sandbags have been historically credited with saving houses, buildings and towns from floods.

Seeding and Hydro-Mulching


Standard vegetative treatment after a fire, hydraulic mulch and tackifier keeps dust from blowing and holds the ground in place long enough for natural vegetation re-generation.


Floods, Excessive Runoff, Fires

This super hero product stabilizes slopes by slowing, spreading and filtering overland water flow, helping to keep fresh water systems free of pollution. Wattles work by shortening the slope lengths, reducing water flow velocities and trapping sediment on site (in place v. on site?). Helps fire recovery by stabilizing the soil, reducing runoff and allowing water to facilitate seed germination for new growth.

Post Disaster

Installing filter fences, straw wattles, mulching, sandbags, as well as re-seeding help sediment controls measures. This will help to prevent eroded and displaced soil from entering streams, roadside ditches and waterways while helping to protect water quality and water sources.

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