Garden Series
Slope Saver PRO

Professional-grade materials used by erosion control specialists nation-wide. Natural jute netting is what the pro’s use to protect slopes. Lighter weight materials like burlap break down quickly and don’t provide the same level of protection.

Plant friendly – design won’t get in you (or their) way –
Slope Saver PRO can be cut to accommodate existing plants, or to install new plants later on. And because it biodegrades in 1-2 years, you won’t have to worry about removing it after your plants take root!

Avoid expensive repairs –
Rain and excessive irrigation erode unprotected slopes. The runoff leads to silting that can damage plants, hardscape, and drainage system, potentially leading to flooding and costly cleanup.


Roll First layer of Slope Saver across top of slope and anchor with included soil staples.

Position extra layers of Slope Saver with a 4-inch overlap between layers.

Secure Slope Saver layers with remaining soil staples.

Note: Slope Saver PRO is designed to be used on slopes no steeper than 1.5:1. Installations on slopes steeper that 1.5:1 require additional soil staples not included in this package.

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