Staples & Stakes
Wood Stakes

High-quality pine grading stake for use in construction and erosion control.

Used when installing silt fence, straw wattles and straw bales. Also used as reinforcing supports for concrete forms or as site survey markers.


Available in a variety of sizes.

18 to 24-inch stakes are commonly used to secure straw wattle, depending on wattle diameter and local ordinances. 48-inch stakes are often used to secure straw bales and silt fencing.


Hardwood Stakes 1.25″x 48″ Nominal 1000/pallet
Hardwood Stakes 1.5″x 48″ Full 840/pallet (20 bundle )
Hardwood Wood Stakes 1.25″x 36″ Nominal 1000/ pallet
Hardwood Wodd Stakes 1.5″x 36″ Full 840/pallet ( 20 bundle )
Hardwood Wood Stakes 1.25x 24″ Nominal 2000/pallet (25 bundle )
Hardwood Stakes 1.25″x18″ Nominal 2000/pallet (25per bundle)

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Sold in bundles of 50.

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