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Straw Wattle

Straw Wattles help to stabilize slopes by shortening the slope length and by slowing, spreading and filtering overland water flow. This helps to prevent sheet erosion as well as rill and gully development, both of which occur when runoff flows uninterrupted down a slope. Stormwater runoff carries sediment and seeds off slopes as it gathers velocity, but Straw Wattles capture that sediment and hold it on site enabling seeds to settle and germinate, aiding the revegetation process.In addition, by filtering overland runoff and holding sediment on the slope, Straw Wattles help to protect lakes, ponds, rivers and streams from sediment pollution. They can also be used at perimeter areas of lots and construction sites as a sediment control method.


Length Diameter
25′ 8″ or 9″

Available in photo and biodegradable variants. Stakes sold separately.


Photodegradable sizes 9”x25′ , 12”x10′, 12”x20′, 20”x10′, 20”x20′
Biodegradable sizes 9”x25′ , 12”x10′, 12”x20′, 20”x10′, 20”x20′
Excelsior Wattle 9”x25′, 12”x10, 12”x20′, 20”x10′


Installed in a shallow trench, anchored with 1″x1″x18″ Wood stake @ 4′ on center.Straw Wattles are manufactured using certified weed free rice or wheat straw. The straw is extruded into a polypropylene strand netting mesh, encapsulating the compacted straw in a round tube shape.

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